Distribution Transformers

# We offers a complete range of power and distribution transformers designed to grant the reliability, durability, and efficiency required in utility, industrial, and commercial applications. ABB's liquid-filled transformers are manufactured in accordance with the most demanding industry and international standards. Transformers can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and can be provided with off-load and on-load tap changers.

Single Phase Transformers

# A single-phase transformer is a type of power transformer that utilizes single-phase alternating current, meaning the transformer relies on a voltage cycle that operates in a unified time phase. They are often used to step-down long distance and localized transmission currents into power levels more suitable for residential and light-commercial applications. The ratio of primary (input) windings to secondary (output) windings determines the change in current. Single-phase transformers with a 1:1 ratio can be used to isolate circuits. Single-phase transformers abide by Ohm's law, and outside of minor inherent loss due to heat, do not create or remove power.

Three Phase Transformers

# Three phase transformers are more economical for supplying large loads and large power distribution. Even though most of the utilization equipments are connected by the single phase transformers, these are not preferred for large power distribution in the aspect of economy. The three phase power is used in almost all fields of electrical power system such as power generation, transmission and distribution sectors, also all the industrial sectors are supplied or connected with three phase system. Therefore, to step-up (or increase) or step-down (or decrease) the voltages in the three phase systems, three phase transformers are used. As compared with the single phase transformer, there are numerous advantages with 3 phase transformer such as smaller and lighter to construct for the same power handling capacity, better operating characteristics, etc.

Customized Transformers

# Custom Transformers At Endicott Coil Company, Inc., we have been designing and manufacturing custom transformers and inductors for over 50 years. We began in 1954 designing electrical components for IBM, but have expanded into a variety of areas including the very demanding nuclear energy industry. Our transformers can be found in a range of equipment including circuit breakers, automatic switches, fuel sensors, and security systems.