Embedded System Solution


Smart switch for home appliances

# Want a smart home for cheap? Remote control electrical outlets and smart plugs are the way to go. Smart outlets transform practically any appliance or electronic into a smart device. All you need to do is plug devices you want to control into the smart outlets. Then, use a corresponding app on your smart device to set timers, turn lights on or off, and more. The top 10 smart plugs we have on this list are all under $75 and can seriously upgrade your life.

Smart Plugs/power receptacles

# Internet-enabled electrical outlets, plugs, power strips and switches are a great way to start building a smart home. They add convenience to any appliance and can make a big dent in your electric bills by keeping unused appliances turned off and reducing "standby" consumption.
You'll be able to turn devices on and off remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection, set automation rules for intelligent home behavior that adapts to your own lifestyle and usage habits, and monitor power consumption in real time.

Automatic Sliding Door

# Providing strength, beauty, and technology all in one package, DORMA's line of automatic sliding doors provides entrance solutions for practically any application. An exclusive feature is DORMA's sound-dampening track reducing operational noise to a mere whisper and stops vibration resonance that can be transferred to the building structures.

Motion Activated Corridor Light

# Automatic sensing: the light will illuminate when you get within 3 meters of it. after you walk beyond its sensing range, it will keep illuminating 30 seconds and then turn off. Using passive infrared (PIR) technology to accept the body's radiant heat and sensing human motion. Ideal for corridors, workshops, basements, indoor garages, stairwells, doorways, closets, and other dark places in your house. Wireless. Battery Operated: Powered by 4 AA batteries. Come with 3m sticker and screws, simple installation and can be mounted various ways. Bright LED and durable aluminum design.

Programmable Timer Activation Switch

# Imagine an art gallery - or your own patio, for that matter - where hanging bulbs become luminous every day at sunset. Automatic light switches, whether wall timers, plug-in timers or smartphone-controlled timers, control indoor and outdoor lighting in residential or commercial settings. These light switch timers make life easier by allowing you to program your indoor, pool, and landscaping lights, and even your sprinkler system. Customize your lighting according to a planned schedule, or operate them dusk to dawn with to-the-second accuracy and automatic daylight saving's adjustments. Astronomical digital timers save you from ever programming your landscape lighting controls again, and they also allow you to get creative. For example, you can play with luminosity in a manner directly connected to the Earth's rotation and angle.