Time and Attendance System


Best Time and Attendance System for Businesses

Transgear offers everything small businesses need in a time and attendance system. The cloud-based solution has a comprehensive assortment of time-tracking options, with employees able to clock in and out via traditional time clocks, internet-connected computers, mobile devices and telephones.
The system also manages paid time off, generates employee schedules, monitors overtime hours, integrates with a wide range of payroll services and features a variety of mobile options.
We were impressed with the system's easy-to-use online portal, the company's customer service and the system's affordable monthly cost.

Our Methodology

To determine the best time and attendance systems, we started by listing all the vendors that have a good reputation online (i.e., services that were favorably and consistently reviewed by other websites). Then, we interviewed small business owners to discover new ones to add to our list.
In all, we analyzed each service based on the following factors:

  • Cost
  • Time-tracking capabilities
  • Time off management
  • Overtime monitoring
  • Scheduling tools
  • Available reports
  • Ease of use
  • Customer service
  • Integration options
  • Mobile access
  • Better Business Bureau complaints and rating